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Rugs are widely used in many households. Carpets are becoming a hit in recent times while rugs took over the houses for a long time. The specialty of rugs is that they can hide the dirt very well. However, if you notice your rugs getting dirty, then it is high time you must clean them. For efficient cleaning of rugs, hire Carpet Cleaning Waterloo. We are one of the leading rug cleaning companies in Waterloo. Our expert team of rug cleaning professionals makes it easy for you to clean your rugs. We have the best team curated especially for Rug Cleaning Waterloo. They have never let our reputation go down. Because of our experts, we have a great name in this industry

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    What Involves In Our Process Of Rug Cleanin

    There are a variety of rugs in the market. And it is not a secret that all the rugs need to be cleaned differently. Rug cleaning majorly depends on the material, quality as well as the colour of the rugs. It partly also depends on the extent of dirt there is on the rugs. That is why our professional rug cleaners follow a certain process. This process helps us to offer excellent rug cleaning services. The steps involved in our rug cleaning process are:

    Rug inspection

    Rug inspection

    Before jumping onto the cleaning process, our experts take time in inspecting your rugs. They go through a thorough inspection and understand your rugs. They analyze the rug quality, material, and size. This step is very necessary to know the condition of your rugs. We understand all the problems of the rug and then only proceed to clean



    Pre-cleaning includes vacuuming the rugs. A vacuum cleaner is used to clean or dust the rugs. In this step, the dust or soil attached to the rug loosens up. This is very effective as most of the dust on the surface is removed in this step itself. If you add water directly without vacuuming, the condition of the rugs may become worse. Hence, pre-cleaning is an important step that we follow

    Steam Cleaning

    Steam Cleaning

    This part usually includes deep cleaning of the rugs. All the main problems noticed during the inspection will be cured in this step. Steam cleaning is a very effective way of rug cleaning. It uses steam to get rid of the dirt accumulated deep inside the rugs. This can cause the structure of the rug to get distorted. Hence, we have safe methods and proper tools to avoid such problems

    Rugs and Mats Repair

    Carpet Stain Removal

    Stain removal is very necessary. Stain removal comes under the deep cleaning process of steam cleaning. However, some stubborn stains cannot be removed by steam cleaning. For such stains, we treat using special methods. Our experts are capable of removing all kinds of stains. The stains that we remove from your rugs are:

    • Chocolate stains
    • Wine stains
    • Gum stains
    • Oil stains
    • Ink stain
    • Pet stains
    • Bloodstain
    • Coffee/tea stains
    • Food stains
    • Water stains


    You can never miss this step while cleaning the rugs. It is important to dry the rugs properly after cleaning. Moisture in the rugs can cause the growth of moulds. This is not safe for both the rugs as well as your surroundings. Also, using the rugs immediately after cleaning, in wet conditions, may increase its chances of getting damaged even more. That is why we use the best equipment for the proper drying of your rugs

    Rug Cleaning Waterloo

    On-site and Offsite Rug Cleaning Waterloo

    We provide all kinds of facilities for Rug Cleaning Waterloo. We offer both on-site and off-site rug cleaning services. This means, you can either bring your rugs to us for cleaning or we will reach your place for the same. Both ways, we guarantee you will get the best services. We never compromise on quality. So, be it on-site or office you can rest assured that you will get effective services. We have a specific team for off-site cleaning, who are always available and ready with their vans

    Reasons Making Us The Best Rug Cleaning Service Team In Waterloo

    Carpet Cleaning Waterloo is the most reliable name in Waterloo. People in Waterloo and the nearby suburbs trust us for effective rug cleaning services. We never compromise on the quality of rug cleaning. We use advanced tools and equipment for the better cleaning of rugs. Our Rug Cleaning Waterloo team is very dedicated to the work. Their passion and talent are what make them popular among our customers. The best things about our rug cleaning services in Waterloo are:

    • We are available 24/7 at your service. You can call for the services at any time as per your convenience.
    • We provide on-site as well as off-site rug cleaning services. So, you can even avail of our same day services.
    • Our agency uses only eco-friendly products for rug cleaning. This is because we care about your safety.
    • You do not have to worry about the money as well. Because we provide affordable charges for all our services

    Contact us now on Carpet Cleaning Waterloo and get a booking for yourself.

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    Rug Cleaning Waterloo
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